Where can I purchase a Ridewell board?

We highly recommend you visit your local Ridewell retailer to purchase boards. However, if there are no Ridewell retailers near you, our boards are available on Amazon via Ridewell 11’4″ Super Cruiser paddle board TCT. If you need assistance finding a local Ridewell retailer, please contact us or use our Find Dealers Map.

How can I repair my board if it becomes damaged(as unlikely as that may be)?

  • For small repairs: This PDF file explains how to repair your Ridewell board. Repairs on Ridewells differ from traditional epoxy repairs. Traditional epoxy repairs will not work on our boards. You will find that our repairs are a lot easier and a lot less jarring than epoxy repairs. The repair process is very similar to the Ptex ski/snowboard repair. Just make sure you use polypropylene plastic for your Ridewell repairs, not polyethylene used for snowboards and skis. Here is a link to an amazon listing were you can pick the size rod you would need: Amazon Polypropylene Rod. Since gashes tend to be small, a 3/16 width rod should be enough for several repairs.
  • For large repairs: Repairs that are too large for the welding technique or need fiber reinforcement should use West System G-Flex Plastic Boat Repair Kits described HERE. These kits are also available on Amazon, make sure you get the kit designated for plastic repair and follow the instructions inside for polyethelyne plastic repair.

Do you plan on releasing other shapes of boards with Ridewell signature technology?

Absolutely! We put a lot of time into developing the best possible boards we can offer to assure that our products are consistent with our performance and durability standards. After recently launching two yoga friendly surf style shapes, our next goal to develop a river surf board as we’ve had a huge demand to develop a new product. Also in development is a durable race board.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes sir. If you’re looking for our boards in Europe, the Caribbean or Mexico, contact us and we’ll connect you with a distributor. Otherwise we are happy to ship to you. We offer free domestic shipping for online-retail orders within the continental US.

How can I install a tie down kit?

Check out this video: