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Find out why nothing compares to our patented formula for ultimate durability + performance.


That’s right. Ridewell boards are all designed and built in Poway, California. We take great pride in building our boards here & in supporting our local manufacturing community.

Currently, we employ a small workforce of rad locals who work extremely hard to build the beautiful, durable stand up paddle boards you have come to expect from Ridewell. We wouldn’t be here today without their dedication. Every purchase helps to keep the manufacturing industry alive and well in California. Thank you!


One of the aspects that we’re most proud of at Ridewell is our unique, clean construction of our stand up paddle boards. We’ve eliminated two major steps from traditional board construction: 1. We don’t shape a foam blank. Foam shaping creates irritating foam dust and wasted material 2. We don’t sand a fiberglass or carbon fiber skin. Sanding of glass coats creates harmful fiberglass dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. We’ve eliminated nasty chemicals like acetone from our production line, so if you visit our production house, you won’t smell the typical smell that traditionally accompanies board production.

At Ridewell® we use our patented thermoplastic composite technology to design, engineer and manufacture entirely unique paddleboards. Why thermoplastics? Because compared to traditional epoxy, thermoplastic composites are more durable. They have faster manufacturing cycle times. They require less labor and have a process and product with a smaller environmental footprint.


Ridewell employs an entirely unique construction which creates the lightweight, stiff board you would expect from a traditional epoxy construction, but with unparalleled impact resistance and durability. How? Thermal Composite Technology or “TCT”. We infuse our thermoplastic resin into fiberglass cloth instead of using a traditional, more brittle, thermoset resin such as epoxy. It resists rocks, truck beds, board racks, garages, kids, rental docks – truly, these boards are tough. Read more about our board technology.